Fiber reinforced resin base products and technologies

Achieve R&D trials and mass production of composite parts in different fields.
Provide customized solutions according to the customers’demands.

As a new material R&D and manufacturing enterprise, we focus on our own competitiveness. Quality stability is our development basis, while mass production technologies are our development direction. We intend to improve the innovation ability as well as scientific and technological level, and deeply cooperate with experts in fiber reinforcement and resin matrix as well as relevant products in different ways.

90-second fast curing


Annual production of 300 thousand parts


Save 50% of the cost


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Thermal insulation material product and technology

As a pioneer that concentrates on the new material field, we innovate with keen determination to carry out development and application development of new thermal insulation material products according to customers’ demands. We provide extraordinary high-temperature thermal insulation solutions for customers in different fields and solve many thermal insulation problems that are beyond the capacity of traditional thermal insulation materials, which helps provide practical possibilities of the popularization of low carbon, energy conservation, efficient and green modern industry.

Low density

Low thermal conductivity and
favourable thermostabilization

Corrosion resistance and excellent
nuclear irradiation resistance

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Our company develops the improved wet-laid mat technology which was initiated domestically. The basalt fiber cotton and fibrofelt with this technology has extraordinary properties in room temperature and high temperature conditions such as low thermal conductivity coefficient and good thermostabilization, which can meet the demand of thermal insulation under high temperature in many fields. In addition, this technology can reprocess leftover materials of basalt fiber cotton from other production into qualified basalt fiber cotton and fibrofelt, which improves the material use factor and reduces the cost of production.

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